The Chile trip requires Low to Moderate Activity Level

Chile boasts the Atacama desert, a uniquely and landscape with beautiful views of volcanoes, salt marshes, lakes and of the ancient homes of the indigenous Aymara people. Chile has beautiful glaciers and such routes as Chile's Inside Passage, the Beagle Channel and Cape Horn.

Day 1

Welcome to Santiago Chile! We will start our trip by touring this beautiful city. There is so much history here, and some incredible culture. Take it all in as we experience the city.

Day 2

Chile has a lot of coast line. Today we are going to take advantage of that and head to the beach. Sand and sun await us for a day of fun or relaxation.

Day 3

There is an incredible art museum in Santiago. So our first activity today will be going and enjoying the art there. We will then take the rest of the day to try new Chilean food.

Day 4

Today is our first free day. Go out and enjoy the new city or stay back and rest for the day, either way you will be given cash that you get to decide what to do with.  

Day 5

Today will be full of rich history. We will be going and visiting Vina Del Mar and Valparasio. Check a world heritage site off your list by going to this activity. Enjoy hearing stories from locals, and seeing some incredible architecture and art.

Day 6

Soak in that sun because this is our second and last beach day on this trip. Enjoy the Chilean sun and play in the waves.

Day 7

This day we will start by going to a beautiful lagoon. Enjoy the nature and take a dip. Afterwards we will get a wine tasting of Chilean wine. (IF you don’t drink alcohol you don’t have to join us for this part)

Day 8

Need some more time to explore the city? Luckily today is your second free day, go see some the sites you wanted more time at or find places to have new experiences!

Day 9

Take a step away from city life. Cajan del Maipo is the perfect nature get away. We will head there with a private tour guide who can show us all of the most beautiful places, and the best activities to do.

Day 10

As our trip nears the end we will go to a dinner show to celebrate the culture of Chile while enjoying their local cuisine and watching a fantastic show.

Day 11

The last day we have in Chile will be used to give you one last free day. Put a bow on this trip by doing all the things you wanted to do before you leave.

What is included?

Dates: To be announced
Price: $6,100 (Pay Now or Do a Payment Plan)
Location: Santiago, Chile 


Fully Funded Free Days

On this trip you will get free days to do as you please! Relax at the place we stay or go on adventures with your new friends (or alone if you prefer). You will be given cash each day to do what you please for the day. Dinner will be provided back at where we will be staying.

You can sign up for a trip up to 20 days before the departure date or until trip is full.

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