The Costa Rica Trip requires Moderate to High Activity Level

Costa Rica is a country in Central America bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Neighboring countries include Nicaragua and Panama. Costa Rica has coastal plains separated by rugged mountains including over 100 volcanic cones, of which several are major volcanoes.

Day 1

On the first day of this action packed trip we will go on a beautiful hike to see some waterfalls. Take a dip to cool off and enjoy the victory of trekking the hike. Touring the waterfalls will be next on the agenda as we take in the wonder of Costa Rica's landscape. Lastly the sloths await our arrival as we go visit a sloth sanctuary.

Day 2

Rest in the sun or play in the water because today is a beach day. Costa Rica has some incredible beaches, and you will be able to take it all in.

Day 3

Need more adventure? Today we go white water rafting. Test your skills against the currents of the river on an

Day 4

Now that you’ve explored a little bit you get to have a free day! Choose your adventure in whatever way suits you. Go on a crazy trip or relax where we are staying, you will be given cash at the beginning of the day to fund whatever you choose.

Day 5

Today we get to experience the great outdoors on horseback. We will go on a horse riding trip and see some amazing landscapes.

Day 6

Didn’t get enough of the beach? You're in luck because today you get to have another calm day at the beach or an exciting day in the waves!

Day 7

After a restful day at the beach the previous day we are going to take our trip over to another body of water, the river! There will be a river tour today where you get to have a tour guide who will show you many types of plants and wildlife along the way.

Day 8

See something that you want to explore a little extra? Perfect! Today is your next free day to do as you please.

Day 9

It's called Coasta Rica for a reason. There is an amazing coast with lots of underwater wildlife. Today we will go snorkeling! Experience the beautiful fish and animals in the beautiful ocean.

Day 10

Now that you are a pro on the river after the tour and rafting lets take a bit more restful approach. Today we will go tubing on the river for a day of waterfilled fun!

Day 11

Today is the last day of the trip. Make sure you got all the things you wanted to see and do checked off of your list on your last free day!

What is included?

Dates: November 4th-16th 2022
Price: $6,100 (Pay Now or Do a Payment Plan)
Location: Playa Hermosa Costa Rica


Fully Funded Free Days

On this trip you will get free days to do as you please! Relax at the place we stay or go on adventures with your new friends (or alone if you prefer). Youwill be given cash each day to do what you please for the day. Dinner will be provided back at where we will be staying.

You can sign up for a trip up to 20 days before the departure date or until trip is full.

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