The Estonia/Latvia trip requires Low to Moderate Activity Level

As one of the least densely populated countries in Europe, Estonia is a boon for nature lovers. Forest covers nearly 50% of the country, making Estonia one of Europe's greenest countries. Estonia is a beautiful country with incredible food and a culture of it's own. Positioned on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia, Latvia is an impressive mix of art nouveau architecture and pristine nature. The northeastern European destination is known as the "Land of Blue Lakes" thanks to its 12,000 or so rivers and 3,000 small lakes.

Day 1

Welcome to Estonia! Our first day will be spent exploring Old Town and Kadriorg Shore. Take in all of the beautiful architecture and countryside of Estonia.

Day 2

Now that you are a little familiar with the city we will give you your first free day. Spend time exploring the forested parts of Estonia, trying new food, or resting. You will be given cash to fund your day and do what you wish with.

Day 3

Estonia has some incredible beaches, and we wouldn’t want to miss it! We are off to spend the day in the sand and sun!

Day 4

Along with having some incredible greenery, Estonia also has amazing history. For our activity today we will head over to the museum and spend the day soaking it in and trying some local cuisine.

Day 5

Our last day in Estonia will be yours to choose what you would like to do. Wrap up all of the last few things you wanted to do before we head out tomorrow.

Day 6

We will be traveling to Latvia today and settling into our new place before more adventures begin the next day.

Day 7

We will have an early morning as we head over to watch sunrise at Kemeri Park. Watch the sun come up, and enjoy relaxing and eating breakfast at the park.

Day 8

Your first free day in Latvia is today. Explore the new city, meet locals, try new food, or kick back and relax.

Day 9

Just like Estonia, Latvia also has some beautiful beaches. So today we will head over and enjoy more sea and sand.

Day 10

It would be wrong if we didn’t at least take one tour around the city in Latvia. We will take this day to tour Riga and enjoy its beauty.

Day 11

Our last day to do activities will be today. It will be a free day so you can finish up whatever you want to do before we head out tomorrow.

Day 12

Today we will be traveling back to Estonia so people can catch their flights. 

What is included?

Dates: To be announced
Price: $6,900 (Pay Now or Do a Payment Plan)
Location: Tallinn Estonia & Riga Latvia


Fully Funded Free Days

On this trip you will get free days to do as you please! Relax at the place we stay or go on adventures with your new friends (or alone if you prefer). You will be given cash each day to do what you please for the day. Dinner will be provided back at where we will be staying.

You can sign up for a trip up to 20 days before the departure date or until trip is full.

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